How To Borrow Your Home Improvement Projects

The pursuit of the dream home is increasingly causing the soul, heart and money to be renovated. Far from all, however, has the capital needed to make the dream come true.

– But there are consumer loans that are suitable for everyone, regardless of everyday economy, says Janine May, consumer loan specialist at Rosas Bank.

Summer, sun and ambitious renovation projects.

money loan

It is becoming more and more common for Norwegians to roll away the deck chair and instead inject capital into the neglected bathroom, to renovate the cabin or build a new porch.

The only problem is that renovation obviously costs money – and that the size of the savings account does not always match the budget.

Then a consumer loan can be an alternative.

Then a consumer loan can be an alternative.

20-25% of our customers use the money paid for renovation, says Janine May, consumer loan specialist at Rosas Bank.

At Rosas you can apply for consumer loans of between 10,000 and half a million kroner. Whatever the amount, Rosas Bank makes a thorough and honest assessment of the person’s situation so that he or she feels safe throughout the loan process.

– When considering taking out a consumer loan, it is important to think through your situation and how it will affect the economy of everyday life. Many customers, for example, choose to take out a loan with a slightly longer repayment period in order to keep the fixed monthly expenses down, but later choose to repay faster when they have room for it, says Janine May.

– If you do not feel that the offer fits your own needs and finances, we can, for example, adjust the loan agreement with a different repayment period or correct the amount. We try to adjust the offer so that you get a loan that fits the everyday economy.

In an increasingly digitized world, Rosas Bank avoids paper and regular mail to focus on as simple processes as possible, something customers appreciate.

money loan

– Being on the digital journey is a hygiene factor for us; many customers expect to be able to handle everything electronically. At the same time, it is important to be accessible in other ways as well, to see the human perspective and take the time for those who want to be contacted by phone instead, says Janine May.

Precisely the availability and service tank have helped Rosas Bank to rank high in various customer satisfaction surveys.

– We are committed to providing customers with the best solution, whether they are buying a home or renovating it. We simply want to be there for the customer when life has the most to offer, concludes Janine May.