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The consolidation and in other locations is nothing more than a combination of two or more previously incurred liabilities into one (including loans, credits, credit cards). The consolidation process carries out activities related to standardizing the interest rate and other criteria. Most importantly – instead of many financial obligations in different branches, only one is repaid under different conditions on […]

How To Borrow Your Home Improvement Projects

The pursuit of the dream home is increasingly causing the soul, heart and money to be renovated. Far from all, however, has the capital needed to make the dream come true. – But there are consumer loans that are suitable for everyone, regardless of everyday economy, says Janine May, consumer loan specialist at Rosas Bank. Summer, sun and ambitious renovation […]

Consolidation of loan over 360 months

Why a loan consolidation? The loan consolidation allows some people to breathe new life, whether to avoid over-indebtedness, to react to sudden expenses, to finance a project or simply to afford some savings. It takes a weight off their shoulders by grouping all their monthly payments into one. They spend sometimes high amounts to settle over a short period to […]

VAT types: everything you need to not miss

VAT is an indirect tax that taxes the consumption of any product or service . That is, it does not apply directly to the income of the taxpayer, but to any consumer good through its manufacturing and distribution phases. The different companies that participate in this process add VAT for their services and this finally affects the consumer. But as […]

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Fresh away from a successful performance of ‘Carmina Burana’ with the Pilgrim Event Chorus, Kingston’s own Toby Garland will be gearing on with an annual benefit concert this particular Sunday May 19 known as ‘Andrew Garland and Close friends: Raising their Voices within Song’ at the First Parish Church Unitarian Universalist with 223 Main Street within Kingston Massachusetts at 3pm. […]