What is the difference between a paperless and bureaucratic loan?


A loan is often the solution to get out of the way or make the purchase with which we dreamed so much. However, it is common for many to give up even trying to get such support because of the bureaucracy involved in making the request.

It is true that sometimes asking for a personal loan can be a long and bureaucratic process, but this does not always happen. Today, with the facilities that the internet offers, it is possible to get a loan without paperwork and have access to money in less time than you think.

Want to know how? Keep reading and understand the differences between loans without and with paperwork!

Face-to-face loan in banks: excessive bureaucracy

It is common for people to look for the banks they own when applying for a personal loan. However, the processes of a face-to-face loan with large banks can be filled with bureaucracy and difficult to achieve.

To exemplify, some of the requirements of these institutions when giving out personal loans may include:

  • Proof of income;
  • Supply of as well as collateral (home or car, for example);
  • Do not have the name denied;
  • Copy of several personal documents
  • Justification of the destination of the money.

In addition, it is often required that you make visits to your bank manager to close the loan contract, which causes you to waste time and money traveling and face the big queues at the banks. Not to mention that the entire process can take days, disrupting your planning.

Loan without bureaucracy: the personal loan online

Loan without bureaucracy: the personal loan online

The online loan comes as an alternative to the bureaucratic and slow loans offered by the banks. In this no-bureaucratic loan model, you can make your request directly with a financial or correspondent bank and, what is better, everything over the internet, from any place and time.

The process takes place as follows:

  1. You enter the Dottore website;
  2. Make the simulation of the value and time in which you want to repay the loan to see the installments;
  3. Fill in your contact information;
  4. Fill in the registration data, including bank accounts (your account can only be viewed, without any access to carry out transactions);
  5. It confirms the conditions, accepts the terms of the contract and confirms the request;
  6. The answer comes in a matter of minutes and if approved, the money goes straight into the informed account.

This entire process takes a few hours and you have the great advantage of doing everything without leaving home. To evaluate your profile and approve or not the loan, the financials that offer personal loan online make an analysis of your credit history and your account from the data informed, reducing much of the bureaucracy.

You do not have to worry about sending any copies of documentation or vouchers. You must be over 18 and your CPF is active. It is also important that all data, especially the bank account, is in its own name.

Search and do your simulation right now!


Consolidation of loan over 360 months

Why a loan consolidation?

Why a loan consolidation?

The loan consolidation allows some people to breathe new life, whether to avoid over-indebtedness, to react to sudden expenses, to finance a project or simply to afford some savings. It takes a weight off their shoulders by grouping all their monthly payments into one. They spend sometimes high amounts to settle over a short period to a single sum, smaller and to settle in the long term. This allows a more flexible management of their budget since they see their debt ratio reduced and their purchasing power increased. Thus, when negotiating another loan for a new project, they have a better situation that tends to reassure their interlocutors. In addition, organizations may refuse certain files considered unsound. But if one of them accepted your file, it is because your situation inspires confidence and can convince other organizations.

A long consolidation period mainly concerns people in emergency situations. Indeed, some may find themselves on the verge of over-indebtedness and wish to go through a loan buy-back before their situation is too unfavorable to be considered by the organizations in question. In their case, extending the consolidation period can reassure them at least initially with reduced monthly payments and debt ratio. With rising purchasing power, they are able to improve their situation little by little. For others, it is a question of reacting to an unforeseen as an accident involving new expenses that they can not insure because of loans already binding. Here too, the loan consolidation allows you to breathe in the short term to restore your health afterwards. But remember that in all cases, the purchase of loan increases your loan: the addition of your monthly installments plus any fees or notary fees or interest tax. Also, some organizations only support the consolidation of consumer loan and other real estate loans.

Example of a 30-year consolidation (360 months)

Take a customer who accumulated loans amounting to 75000 euros with 2143 euros monthly. If he subscribes to a loan consolidation that would increase his loan to 90000 euros with fees and taxes included, the monthly payment to be paid over 360 months will be 250 euros.

Why negotiate the consolidation term?

We must be very careful with the possibility of extending the consolidation period because it can turn against you. It should be remembered that the loan agency seeks above all to propose an offer and to accept a file likely to be profitable, and will therefore impose an interest rate or handling fees accordingly. It is for this reason that this interest rate will increase in proportion to the duration of your loan. From a moment, this arrangement could cost you more money than if you stayed in your original situation despite these lower monthly payments! So take a lot of precautions and negotiate your loan consolidation according to your ability to repay and not just your needs and desires. Also, if your situation is too critical and unstable in the eyes of the organization, it will refuse you the consolidation of loan because it will estimate that you are not able to make profitable its investment. You will have more trouble convincing if your debt ratio is more than one third of the amount of your income.

It should also be noted that longer consolidation terms are not necessary for everyone. Those in emergency need to oxygenate their budget in the short term but those who go through the purchase of loan to finance a project or put a cash aside are less concerned and can settle for longer consolidation terms. short. Have your financial situation checked to better assess your financing capabilities and set the right fair amount for this monthly payment. You can go through a broker but you can also use our online comparator that compares the offers of different loan consolidation organizations and helps you to see more clearly in the market.

Less expensive real estate loan thanks to its insurance

It is important to get informed before you take out a mortgage

In addition to the costs associated with the credit, several additional expenses are added to the expenses, as for example the mortgage loan insurance. This insurance will be requested by the lending institution to guarantee the repayment of the principal in case of default. The borrower is free to choose his mortgage loan insurance if it presents a guarantee equivalent to that proposed by the lending institution.

The different insurance for a mortgage

nsurance for a mortgage

There are several types of home loan insurance . The “death-disability” guarantee covers the risk of death and total and permanent disability. It is present in all insurance contracts. It may include a “temporary incapacity for work” guarantee, which will come into effect during the borrower’s disability period, covering his monthly payments.

Health questionnaire mortgage insurance

mortgage insurance

To assess the potential risk of default, the insurance will ask at the time of the subscription to submit to a questionnaire of health. This questionnaire will determine the conditions of the mortgage loan insurance contract and will condition the implementation of the guarantees.

Medical declaration insurance mortgage

Medical declaration insurance mortgage

In case of false declaration or omissions, the insurer may refuse the compensation. Indeed, the questionnaire must be able to correctly assess the risk of insolvency. In this case, the mortgage loan insurance contract may be canceled. If the insured has made an error, which does not amount to fraud, the contract may be maintained. This requires that this error be identified before a disaster occurs. If the error is detected after the incident, the compensation due to the insured is reduced, in the proportions corresponding to the questionnaire correctly provided.

  • mortgage insurance rate
  • loan insurance borrowed capital
  • cost insurance mortgage loan
  • false statement loan insurance
  • insurance loan questionnaire health
  • insurance loan capital outstanding

Finally, you should know that the mortgage loan insurance applies only after a period of deductible, whose duration can vary from three to six months; the assumption of responsibility of the insured will begin at the end of this one.

VAT types: everything you need to not miss

General VAT (21%) .

VAT is an indirect tax that taxes the consumption of any product or service . That is, it does not apply directly to the income of the taxpayer, but to any consumer good through its manufacturing and distribution phases. The different companies that participate in this process add VAT for their services and this finally affects the consumer.

But as not all products have the same consideration, the VAT law distinguishes between three types of VAT ( Law 37/1992, of December 28, updated as of January 1, 2009 ). In general terms, the more basic the need for a product is, the lower the VAT that is applied to it. The VAT rates in force after the tax reform of 2010 five years ago and the last VAT increase are the following:

General VAT (21%) .

It is the percentage that is applied by default to all products and services. Appliances, clothing, footwear, tobacco, DIY, plumbing services … Most articles are subject to this type and more after the latest changes, which led to this type of hairdressing services, gyms and hospitality and other similar. It includes health products, intermediate goods, medical equipment and medical instruments.

VAT reduced (10%) .

The list of products and services that are taxed at a reduced rate is very long and includes food in general (except those that support a super-reduced VAT); transport of travelers, fruit trees and shrubs, horticultural plants and aromatic plants used as seasoning.

VAT super reduced (4%) .

It is applied to the products of first necessity and receive this consideration the bread, milk, eggs, fruits, vegetables, cereals and cheeses. In addition, books, newspapers and non-advertising magazines also benefit from this VAT; medicines for human use; wheelchairs for the disabled and prosthetics and Housing for Official Protection or VPO.

And in a more graphic way, the following infographic summarizes what products and services are part of each group. #

The latest changes affected not only the percentage of VAT, but also different products . These are the ones that underwent modifications to see the VAT increase they must support:

  • School material : aside from books, notebooks and certain pencils, the rest of the school material is taxed in the general rate to 21% from 4% super reduced.
  • Flowers and ornamental plants : the Resolution of August 2, 2012, of the Directorate General of Taxes, on the tax rate applicable to certain deliveries of goods and services in the Value Added Tax defines what flowers and plants fall within this category and already taxed at 21% in the general rate.
  • Mixed hotel services : within this definition are all establishments where there is a catering service together with a provision of recreational service. To understand it better, this would be the case of discos, nightclubs, dance halls or karaoke . It would also include saunas, swimming pools, spas and hospitality services provided by theater cafes, concert cafes, pubs and cafeterias simultaneously with musical performances and the like. Tax at 21% instead from the previous 8% at reduced rate
  • Hairdressers : Your VAT passed in September 2012 from 8% to 21%.
  • Movie theaters and shows : they went from the reduced rate to the general, so their VAT is 21%.
  • Funerals : they also went from the reduced rate to the general, so their VAT is 21%.
  • Gyms and other sports activities : they pay 21% within the general rate from the reduced one, which means a rise of 13 basic points.
  • Veterinarians : went from the reduced type to the general.
  • Health activities : activities that do not consist in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases became part of the general VAT. In this way, the services of laser hair removal, dermocosmetic and aesthetic surgery, mesotherapy and slimming treatments, massages provided by physiotherapists, nutrition and dietetics services, rendered by duly recognized medical or health professionals, and performed outside of the body, will no longer be exempt. medical service of diagnosis, prevention or treatment of diseases.
  • Healthcare products : prescription glasses, contact lenses, prosthetics, wheelchairs or crutches will continue to enjoy the reduced VAT rate of 10%, but the rest of healthcare products will have to raise their taxation to 21%. Among the goods that will raise taxation to 21% are intermediate goods for the preparation of medicines, medical equipment, appliances, medical instruments and pharmaceutical products.

The IGIC Canario

VAT is applied throughout the national territory except in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, which enjoy a special regime. In the case of the Canary Islands, there is a VAT variation called IGIC or General Indirect Canarian Tax that applies its own rates and which are the following:

  • Type zero (0%) : applies to the delivery of water, health products, books, newspapers and reviews, the execution of works in public housing, food and passenger air transport.
  • Reduced rate (3%) : it is applied to mining, chemical, textile, wood, paper industry, land transport and vehicle repair. The reduced rate in the rest of Spain is 10%.
  • General type (7%) : applies to most products and those that are not included in the other categories. In the rest of Spain it is 21%.
  • Intcrementado type (9.5%)
  • Special type increased (13.5%) : it is applied on tobacco with a price higher than 1.8 euros per unit, alcoholic beverages, jewelery items, cartridges, furs and perfumes. In Spain it does not exist,
  • Special types (20% and 35%) : the first of the types applies to the production of black tobacco and the second to the blond tobacco.

In addition, it has other features that we tell you here

How VAT works

How VAT works

The VAT is added along the entire manufacturing chain, so that companies include the corresponding VAT on their invoice and the VAT they have had to pay to do their work is passed on to the State. This is because the VAT falls on the consumer and not on those who participate in the chain of production of the good or service. In this sense, the companies would be exercising tax collectors for the State.

When VAT is spoken of as a regressive tax, it is not done because it falls on citizens, but because it does not take into account their income or personal circumstances and applies equally to all. Thus, who less have will suffer more tax burden due to VAT than those who have more. This is something that does not happen for example with the IRPF, where each contributor is taxed based on their earnings.

VAT for self-employed

VAT for self-employed

On the other hand, companies and self-employed workers also distinguish, for accounting and tax purposes, VAT paid and VAT charged . The first one refers to the VAT that every company must include in its invoice and that is the 18% that it adds to the cost of a product and that the other company must face. The second is the VAT that the company pays when buying a good or service. In this sense the input VAT would be an income and the VAT charged an expense.

The difference between the VAT paid minus the amount charged will mark the quarterly VAT declaration that all self-employed workers must submit.

And it is that for practical purposes the companies collect the tax for the Treasury and they deliver it every three months in most cases.

When calculating the VAT charged, they must add all the invoices issued for their services, while to calculate the input tax, they will add the ones they have paid for products and services necessary to sustain their activity. Only this VAT will be considered a deductible. If the payment is not affected by the activity, it will not be possible to subtract the VAT that has been paid when making the quarterly calculation.

VAT in the world

VAT in the world

VAT is one of the most widespread taxes and most countries use it to tax consumption and swell their coffers. In fact, it is one of the main sources of financing for the different states. What happens is that there is not much homogeneity in its application, even within structures such as the European Union, where each member has its own VAT.

From Brussels I offer recommendations so that all countries pay about 23% on average for general VAT, but still there are huge differences.

  • Check the VAT rates in the EU.

Precisely for this type of differences when marketing between companies within the EU, what is known as the taxpayer’s investment is applied so that VAT is not paid and when it is charged, as in ecommerce, the country’s VAT is used of destiny.

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